When we live in a time where products are mass produced, or we trust the latest gadget to tell us how and when to make our every next move, it’s crucial to remember the importance of honoring history, process and tradition. Amidst the masses there are still those few who move against the status quo. Those preserving what it means to craft products with their hands, and remembering that in order to revel in the outcome you must first take the time to enjoy the process. 

We call them Original Spirits.

Mount Gay rum is the first of these Original Spirits. Going against the grain to still preserve the traditional techniques and elements of our craft that have stood the test of our 300 year old time. But we don’t want our story to live on alone, so we set out to find modern day Original Spirits who embody the same sense of craft as we do - time honored techniques, a human touch, quality products - stories worth telling.

Every Original Spirit has their own distinct story, and every story worth telling begins with a time and a place. Mount Gay rum’s begins in Barbados in 1703, and our story is just the beginning…